Applying Mascara - How to apply mascara?

Applying Mascara is very easy. Mascara is applied from the underside by holding the wand horizontally parallel to the eyelid and the brush is rolled slowly in the upward stroke. Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb or damp toothbrush to comb your lashes. Always use a clean and fresh mascara wand on damp lashes. Applying mascara only on the upper lashes lend them a dramatic touch , while applying it lightly on the upper and lower lashes, make the eyes seem wider. A gel-based mascara enhances the lashes while thickening mascara looks more dramatic and adds volume to your lashes.

Mascara Applying Tips

Mascara Applying Tip 1: Resist the urge to apply more than two coats and let the mascara dry between coats to help lashes look thicker

Mascara Applying Tip 1: Never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara or your lashes will stick to the pad on the curler and get yanked out.

Mascara Applying Tip 1: Don't pump the mascara wand into the container because it'll push air into the container and dry the mascara out faster. Simply insert the wand, turn it a couple of times and pull it out, nice and civil.

Forms of Mascara

They are three forms of Mascara.

  1. Water based :- Water based mascaras can be applied quickly and removed easily. So they are gentle to the lashes and eyes. But they won't stay for a long time, as the mascara smudges easily when it comes into contact with water, tears and perspiration.
  2. Water proof :- Water proof variety stay for a long time and is water proof and smudge proof. They are a good investment as they are resistant to contamination and can be used even years after they have been manufactured. But it takes a long time to dry and is difficult to remove the liner.
  3. Mixed variety :- is a combination of water based and water proof mascaras. These dry quickly and is easy to remove.

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