In this section of makeup you will learn tips and techniques on how to apply eye shadow. Applying Eyeshadow is the most important part of the your eye make-up, because it can help to recontour the eyes and add emphasis to them. Since eyes is the most important focal point of the face, the eye makeup techniques and choice of colors for eyeshadow should suit the shape and color of your eyes.

Eyeshadow comes in various forms: pressed powders, loose powder, creams, sticks and as liquids. Pressed powders are the easiest to apply. Eye shadows come in cream or powder form. Pencils are also available for shadowing. They can either be frosted, or provide a matte finish. Some even provide glitter for a gala occasion. You will have to experiment with colors and textures before you find what suits you best and which eyeshadow you apply.

Applications of applying Eyeshadows

The following steps are followed in the application of eyeshadow shades:

1. Using a fine, blunt-ended brush, gently apply the base colour to the entire lid from the inside to the outside comer and from the base of the lashes to the eyelid crease

2. If the eyes need extra definition,a deeper shade is blended into the crease line. This gives depth to the eyes

3. The brow bone is highlighted with a light shade. This gives the eyes a wide, open look., The colour is applied to the most prominent area and blended up towards the brow and down to' where the contour curves down, toward the eyelid creases

Before using them on the lids, always test the colours on the back of the hand to see the intensity. You can use even 3-4 colours, provided. they are blended well. Remember, pale tones emphasize, while deep sooty shades de-fine.

Tips on how to apply eyeshadow in three easy steps

  1. Select a light color base shadow. Using a shadow brush, sweep it across your entire lid, from brow to lash line.
  2. To apply eyeshadow: Use a long handled brush and use your hand or a cuff to hold it. Watch out for dark colors because they can can end up looking too theatrical.
  3. Use a medium-toned shade to cover your lower lids.
  4. Then blend eye shadow by stroking the lid gently with an eye shadow brush. Don't use your finger'you could wipe off the shadow entirely.
  5. High quality powder eyeshadows can be used wet for heavier application by dampening your applicator a little.
  6. Lighter shadows help the bigger while darker shades make them look smaller. For bigger eyes, sweep a light shade over lid and darker shade on the outer corner of the lid and the crease. Outline the eyes using the eyeliner on the outer side of upper and lower lids while tapering a bit on the outside the eye to elongate it. Dab a white or cream shadow in the middle of the brow bone as a last step.
  7. Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to tone down heavy shadow. Shake any excess powder off the puff, then press it gently on your lid.
  8. To add definition to your eyelids, apply a medium-toned shade across the lid and brow bone and dust the under brow area with a light highlighter shade. Use a very fine pencil liner of natural color to line the upper and lower lash lines.

How to put on eye shadow? Feel the magic of applying eyeshadow!!

  • Eyeshadow's accentuate eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. Use an eyeshadow that compliments the color of your eyes.
  • To create the new round eye, apply a soft, neutral brown across the eyelid and slightly above the crease, creating a round shape.
    Blend, going upwards towards the brow..
    Apply the same color shadow underneath the bottom lashes..
    To create a dark eye without the hassle of black eye shadow, take a black pencil inside the lower eye to create the new smoky eye look.
  • Apply eyeshadow right over the eyelid. Draw a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lid, close to the lashes. Use a soft tipped eye pencil over the line for a smudgy effect.
  • Neutral shades like browns and beiges look natural while brighter shades like blue and green look dramatic and artificial.
  • On mature skin and puffy eyelids, avoid using iridescent, frosted, light colors and white eyeshadows and opt for soft matte colors instead.

** TIPS OF THE TRADE: Use a pink eyeshadow on the whole eye area and a brown eyeshadow on the lid. Brush a darker pink along the socket line and blend.

Types of eye shadows:

Dark: This is applied only to the eyelids from the lashline to the crease in the eyelid.

Medium: This is applied from just below the eyelid crease to the browbone. You can, and some techniques do, shade the entire lid with this medium shade first.

Highlight: This is the lightest of the three and is applied to the browbone and extends a little past the outer end of the eyebrow. This usually gives a pearly finish.

Application Tips on How to apply eyeshadow:

  • Don’t test shades on the back of your hand as the color is different from your eyelids.

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